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Hello! Thanks for visiting my shop. If you would like to know more about me, keep reading!

I’m the author of five books, The Cannabis Spa at Home (2015, Skyhorse Publishing), High Tea (2017, Skyhorse Publishing), CBD Every Day (2019, Skyhorse Publishing), CBD and Hemp Remedies (2020, Skyhorse Publishing), Your First Cannabis Experience (2022, Skyhorse Publishing), and co-author of The CBD Oil Solution (2019, Penguin Random House). I am a home remedy and spa herbalist, an experienced forager of wild food, flowers, and herbs, and a visual artist, for more than thirty years. And I'm an Allertrain certified allergy chef.

I’m also a survivor of multiple autoimmune disease and an anaphylactic who carries epipens for life-threatening food and environmental allergies. I am passionate about serving my autoimmune and allergy community–with a special interest in bringing comfort and joy through my writings, recipes, and handmade goods. In my Etsy shop I sell signed copies of my books, my craft botanical spa creations, and my hemp textile designs.

My spa products feature the moisturizing and soothing benefits of organic hemp seed oil. Most of the preparations I sell are made with herbs grown in my own garden. My homegrown herbs are grown free of industrial chemical pesticides and fungicide. ***All bath and spa products sold here are 100% legal everywhere and DO NOT contain cannabinoids of any kind. ***

Additionally, instead of using essential oils in my spa craft I use whole plant aromatics in my formulations to infuse fragrances resulting in an end product that is much lighter, fresher, and much more tenacious than essential oil! These fresh enfleurage infusions are perfect for the sensitive client who has a preference for products that are not heavily perfumed, and free of preservatives, artificial dyes, *major allergens, and industrial ingredients.

Because my products are largely produced with herbs from my garden most items here are one of a kind and can vary by season. I love your feedback and try to plan my garden every year based on what my clients like--so if you really loved something and want to see it again please let me know!

*major allergens, wheat and gluten, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, fish, dairy, sesame --
My production studio, equipment, and inventory are free of these allergens. However due to limited supplier options for the specialized ingredients that i use, I can't guarantee that any of my suppliers have facilities free of major allergens--although I make every effort to purchase ingredients from suppliers that limit or eliminate major allergens from their production facilities.